October 08, 2006

New Sister

Master has taken on a new sub for training. At first i was a wee bit nervous about this but i have lost all my nerves. This is going to be an amazing experience. i have always wanted a sister slave and now i am going to get one. i have people i email or chat too but it isn't the same as the physical flesh. We get to talk about girlie stuff, about Master, about sessions and what happened last night. i always thought Master adding another woman sub was because i wasn't enough.....but that isn't the case at all. This sister sub is gong to enhance my submission inso many ways. i can't wait.

One thing that is really new for me is taking her demerits and having her take mine. See throughout the week Master collects demerits and i must be punished for them at the end of the week. Now it will be Fridays which makes for an interesting way to start out a weekend. With ling involved in our circle we will bear eachothers demerits. This will definitely help me focus and Master thinks it will cut my demerits down considerably....or i hope so for ling's sake:)

Now for a comment about ling. This woman is amazing. When she slipped into sub mode it was the most amazing transformation i have ever seen. It is as if the superwoman i know transcends into this submissive goddess. Whatever....it was beautiful and i only wish she could see what i see.

i already have ten demerits this week. i was supposed to bring home the digital camera from school so we could use it Friday....but spacy lucy forgot. i was using it to photograph food for this magazine thing and left it in my locker.....that sucks!!!

i am also going to be taught these six protocol positions that ling showed us. She actually endured 30 hard swats with a paddle and barely moved from her position. i honestly don't think i have that much control over my body. i think i will try to wiggle out of each one....Hence i spend lots of time in bondage. Master says things are going to change and i am excited for it!!!

well life is good and i am SO excited to have this new sister to share with!!!