July 05, 2007

A Quickie

i just got my ass chewed out for not posting in a month! i had no idea time goes by that fast. i feel like i just updated but looking at the expression on Sir's face i can tell i messed up!!!

Things are going very nicely here. Sir is pretty much 100% up and running. It is nice to not be the only one who is functioning. Sir still has limited work schedule so lucy is having lots of TLC! It is so nice to watch Sir take care of her. Even thought lucy is the submissive it is refreshing to see the love. Sir is not only a Dominant....He is a human in love. i feel refreshed by that

i am still working more than i would like. i can't seem to leave my students....go figure:)

There is so much to update on and i only have five minutes....sorry! i will be back with more of a BDSM update......or my ass is grass and you all know what Sir is:)

Until next time........