December 27, 2006

melody posting

i get to perform with the band tonight!!!!!!

i wrote this a couple days ago and didn't get a chance to finish it. Sir told me to atleast post what i had so here it is........

The Holidays were fantastic. i finally got to have a nice mellow Christmas with my running around visiting people. It was just what i needed.....a few days home with my family. i made a nice rib roast with all the trimmings, and of course lots of wine & beer!

i also got to spend some time with Sir Michael & lucy. Things are strange between them right now. They are not really fighting just redefining things. As you all know lucy had to post about her punishment with LP. It has been since then that they are struggling. Sir thinks that lucy is young and needs to take some time to make sure she is in the right place. As we grow we may not alwyas be what we want or expect but we must accept it and embrace it. lucy has been taking time to think about herself and her place. Lots of things surfaced and one of the things was the addition of me. lucy has started to feel threatened by me. Hmmmm...not what i would have expected to surface but we all must deal with it now. The time i now spend with Sir is private and separate from lucy. she doesn't want to watch or see our sessions for a while. i can respect that. Sir told me that lucy initially wanted to be a part of things but is finding it harder than she expected. i asked if i should leave and Sir said no. He told me that this is ultimately what He desired and it was something that they would address and fix. lucy does't want me to leave either...she just nees time to adjust.

i am not used to this poly thing. i know my relationship with Sir Michael is SOOOO different from His relationship with lucy. i am better at separating things. i actually have my own there's about why lucy is acting out. i think it has a lot to do with her age. i will not comment any more unless asked.

Sir asked me to write about the difference between lucy and myself. i wasn't told why....Just told to do it. Here goes......

Of course there is the obvious physical differences. lucy is more olive complication than me and has a very petite frame. her hair changes color all the time...right now it is red. she has blue eyes and is very vivatious. her style is a bit punk meets vintage....strange but cute. her body is very toned....very nice. me on the other hand i am big and all stretched out from having kids. i have short dark hair and a great big smile. i am generally happy dress very casually....jeans and tshirts. i am serious about the things i have to do in my life and tend to be perceived as stand-offish sometimes.

lucy has a younger mind-set than i do. i would guess that she has a young soul while mine is a bit older. she is wild and carefree. she is all about risk....i am more about calculated risks. i have much more responsibility than her so i am a bit more serious. i need schedule, routine, and control. ..lucy needs more freedoms and is much more spontaneous than me.

December 20, 2006

melody posting...Question

Does anyone know of a good electric razor that can be used for pubic hair?

i have been growing out my muff...per Sir's request. Now i have to shave and i was wondering if i could get is pretty short with an electric razor then smooth it up with a blade. i am scared to just try it. i am afraid it will pull or the hair will get stuck. Maybe i am being silly. i figured someone out there has tried it and if it can work then i want to know.

Any help would be much appreciated!!!

December 19, 2006

melody Posting

Hello everyone...Happy Holidays!!!

We have been hit with an intense wind storm last week and we have been without power until yesterday. lucy and Sir Michael are still without power and probably will be until after Christmas. They have gas heat but no power so they have been bunking here with us. It is nice to have the extra help of lucy with all the preparation involved in Christmas. my mate and Sir M have been getting along greatly and spending time together outside of us girls. At first i felt strange about this friendship but i am finding that i like it....this is why....

Last night my mate became somewhat Dominant with me while being intimate. As i said recently there has been a spark of interest from my mate but i didn't think it would really go anywhere. Sir says they have been talking a lot about it and that He has a genuine interest in learning about the lifestyle. When i first brought my desires to my mate he told me he didn't want to participate in things seem a bit different. Okay so back to last night....we were getting intimate and i was laying naked on the bed. my mate told a stern, commanding voice, to place my hands on the wall and not move for he was going to explore my body. i swear my clit pulsed with just the thought. He took his time and felt, and explored my body. It was a small thing but very nice and very welcomed. i would love to share this part of my life with my mate...that person i love. How perfect would that is like a dream to me.

i have had some alone time with Sir recently and that has been great. We are getting closer and i am learning how to really please Him. He told me He is really enjoying my service and i am loving being able to serve. It really helps me be content and centered. it is strange how one session with Sir makes me calm and centered. i took a whipping that i didn't think i could take which pleased Sir very much. He tied me to a spanking bench and told me He was going to try out His new toys on me. i was whipped with two new floggers, studded strap, wooden dowel and a paddle that looked like part of a tire. (that one hurt so bad!!!) i took twenty five smacks from each one and i honestly didn't think i could handle it. It has been a long time since my skin has felt that much pain and i thought i would wuss out...but i didn't. i became more and more centered and began to fly. it was amazing and made me want more. Sir told me i actually asked Him not to stop.....i don't know that i believe that....hehehehe. i asked Sir if He could do a session like that each week because the release i felt was amazing. Sir even told me i was more submissive than He has ever seen after that session. i was at peace and fully into my submissive was amazing. Thank You Sir Michael for taking em and caring so much about me. You are leading me into places i never thought i could experience again!

lucy and i are going shopping tonight for Christmas. i have been told that i will be wearing a butt plug and have my breasts bound during this excursion. i know lucy will have breast bondage too but beyond that i am not sure. We have a few "kinky" things we are supposed to do while at the mall. i have to make lucy orgasm in a changing room and we have to kiss numerous times while out and public view. That is going to be a hard one for me. i have never kissed a girl unless i was among likeminded people. i feel a little insecure about this task but i will do it. i feel comfortable with lucy so i can pull on that strength to get threw it.

all in all things are good here. it is nice to have good friends around and actually i wish we could all live like this all the time. We are functioning like one big family and it feels so right!

i wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to Cloud for all He gave to me over the last year. i know He and i couldn't continue and that breaks my heart each time i think about....but He did right by me. He was the first Dom that has every really done right by me and i am more appreciative than ever. i wouldn't be able to give myself in submission if it wasn't for Him. Thank You Cloud!!! i wish You all the best with minion. You deserve it and i am SO glad You found her!!!!

Until next time......

December 13, 2006

melody Posting

i am posting here because i haven't gotten a new blog started yet. i feel strange about posting as Darklights fledgeling when i am not.....does that make sense. i am supposed to be blogging again so here is where i will be for a bit.

Yesterday Sir visited me at school. It was a nice surprise. When He arrived i was saying goodbye to my friend Morgan with a hug. Sir asked if i thought that was an appropriate thing to do. i had never really thought about it from His point of view. Is it appropriate fo rme to hug male friends. i think it is...Especially ones that Sir has already met. i couldn't imagine not hugging Morgan. Sir didn't say anything more about it just wants me to think about it.

i did my escort date with Sir Garrick. It was very vanilla and i really enjoyed myself. i haven't been a business meeting in a long while and i really enjoyed the stimulating conversation. i meet some nice people and had some amazing food....always a plus for me. At the end of the evening Sir Garrick gave me a spanking. i forgot how hard a persons hand can be. It seemed to hurt more than the flogger....hmmmm?

well my office hours are almost over. i will try to post more regularly and get my new blog space up and running.

Until next time.....

December 11, 2006

Big TIme Punishment

Things have been a bit intense lately. i got myself into a heap of trouble and that is why i have not been around. It is really hard to find a place to start but Master is making me write this as part of my punishment. i am not thrilled with this in any way but i understand why He wants me to do it. He wants me to write it out so i will think it through i will see His point more clearly. i have to give a little history for the story to make here goes.....

Since i started school i have made many new friends. There is one boy, LP, in particular that i have become close to. i am really attracted to him too and i told Master this. There is always people in life we are attracted to even if we are in love....right? The only time we hung out was in school and you can't really talk much in school. i found myself flirting with him and enjoying our little exchange. i liked the attention and we have a lot in common. i remember the moment i choose not to tell LP about Master. He straight out asked me if i had a boyfriend. i hesitated then said, "not really." i rationalized this by telling myself that Master isn't technically a boyfriend.....Yeah right? i choose not to tell LP all the details about my life.....that was wrong....very wrong.

After a few months LP asked me out. i told him i was too busy and kept making up excuses not to hang with him outside of school. Then LP finally asked me why i was playing so hard to get. i got nervous because i didn't want to give up my friendship...or whatever it was. i decided to invite him over to study after school one day. Now, here again was another crutial point in my disobedience. i am not allowed to have guests over without permission and definitely not a boy without Master there. i figured i could tell Master it was a study group thing and He would understand. (Now how could i not see then how stupid this was?)

Ofcourse Master found out that i had the boy over. Master was a little early coming home and saw LP pulling out of the driveway on His way in. As soon as i saw Masters face i realized i was in BIG trouble.

Master: "lucy, come here!"

my heart sank when i heard His voice....i knew He saw LP leave. OH FUCK! i ran to Master and knelt before Him. i was silent and just felt like forever before He spoke.

Master: "Who was that leaving here? i want the truth lucy!"

me: " it was a friend from school."

Master: "Do I know this friend? Did you have permission for this friend to come by?" He was stern but calm at this point.

(Now before i answered i thought i could lie here....i could make up a story about how LP just stopped by unannounced or i missed my bus and got a ride home....but i knew better)

me: "No Master." followed by a list of a million excuses and begging for Him to understand why i broke the rules.

At this point Master said nothing. He grabbed my hair and lead me into the attic. He only acted....never telling me to be quiet just ignoring me. He put my collar on and told me to remove my clothes. Once naked He then attached the collar to a chain on the floor. He locked it in place, turned the cameras on (so He can watch me downstairs) and left. Master returned with a clock. He put it right in my line of view and left again. He locked the attic door and never said a word to me.

It was dark and silent....the only noise was that stupid clock. i was there for two hours, sitting on the floor...cold and left to my thoughts. i hated this time. i felt guilty, and angry at myself. i knew i did wrong and i knew i deserved to be punished. i hate it when i hurt Master, and i know He was hurt....and pissed!

When Master finally came back we spent some time talking and He wanted me to tell Him all the details of what was going on with me. He was calm and listened to me. Then of course i had to listen to that lecture sucked. One thing i appreciate most about my relationship is how fair and understanding of human fault Master is. He was angry and said it would never happen again. If it did i would be released until i was ready to prove my commitment to Master. He was hurt and lost some trust in me. (That was hard to hear) i know what i did was wrong and it WONT happen again.

my punishment:
i had to go in and tell LP today about my relationship and how i lied to him. That was really hard but LP was actually pretty understanding. He said he has done stuff like that before. We are still friends and hopefully i wont be so stupid ever again.

i had to write a letter of apology to Master and that is private.

i have to sleep in the attic until i can prove i am recommitted to Master.

i have to spend 20 minutes a day in the corner, kneeling and focusing on my submission.

Master is tightening my leash and my daily schedule is ALOT stricter.

i also took a pretty intense spanking that night of the incident. There were a few other things but Master says i don't have to put those in here.

i know this post is long so i will wrap things up now. i am more focused. i am grateful for such a wonderful Master!
i am more sorry for this than any other thing in my life. i hope Master will forgive me and trust me.

i LOVE you MASTER!!!

December 07, 2006

Slacker & ling Special Post

Yes i am slacking on my posts, and Master knows about it. i have a set amount of time i am allowed to be on the internet each day. i usually read others blogs looking for inspiration...or maybe just procrastinating...and time flies by when you are reading....really it does!! i usually run out of time or stop and think i will get back to it. i have gotten bad with my time management and keep adding things to my schedule which isn't helping. i will find myself sitting in bed with the moment of realization that i forgot to post. i took a pretty intense bottom burner for my missed posts but Master says He is going to get more creative with punishment for missed blogs....OH great:)

Being in school is becoming increasingly difficult. my teachers are piling on the work and i have tests in each class coming up before the break....AHHHH! If i don't bring my grades up Master is going to reconsider this school thing....i don't want that so i have been cramming like a crazy lady.

ling sent me this email and wants me to post part of it here. she is trying to get back into posting...YEAH!!!

ling wrote.....
It seems strange to be here and posting. i was given a reprieve of sorts to get myself back into a good place. It is hard to be released and given to another even when it is for the best. i am finally starting to come into my place here with Sir & lucy. i love them both dearly and feel like Cloud has found a good place for me.

i have been training on the weekends with Sir and spending lots of time in bondage and toughening up my 'sensitive' areas...hehehehe. It has been wild and intense and i am loving it!!!!

Sir is very controlling and is always looking over my shoulder. i have to say that it has made me a better slave...those peering eyes. Having to look into His face and explain my failure to do something is intense....really intense actually. It is exactly the level of control i am after. Like last weeks Sir told me i was going to escort Sir Garrick to a vanilla party. There was no questions asked....just an order. i was given instructions for an outfit and told to fit it into my schedule. i think i almost orgasmed when Sir was giving me the instructions. It was strange feeling because i couldn't argue....i had to just act. It was great!!!

Control is something i need and long for. i am not sure why but i feel very secure when i have that sense of control over me. i feel safe! i know i am loved by my family....that is one thing i am not short on. i am the one with most of the control in my vanilla world and to relinquish that to a trusting, deserving individual is amazing!

i think lucy posted about my little open mic thing. Well my mate was there and got to meet Sir. They spent lots of time talking and getting acquainted with one another. It is nice to know that they are comfortable with one another. Then Sir hinted that my mate might not be as vanilla as i think....WHAT???? He told me they were going to have lunch and talk mate had more questions. They haven't has lunch date yet but i will keep you posted on that front.

that's about it for now.....Until next time!!!!

December 02, 2006


i just ate half a pan of rice crispies treats!

Then to make myself feel better i tried to spread it thin across the whole pan. i knew Master would be upset at me eating as much as i did, but i needed it. Does it make me a bad slave because i ate the treats anyway? Maybe that makes me a submissive not a slave? i do most everything Master says. There are some things i get to do alone because i am so young. Master thinks i need a few freedoms. i AlWAYS ask before i do anything or make any big decisions....Essentially handing the decision to Master. i call myself a slave and Master calls me His for all intents in our house i am a slave.

Moving on......

Friday night was fun, fun. ling came over and cooked dinner for us. Then we talked with ling about her singing. We were all invited to a party at a friend house, (she is a member of the lifestyle...we met at a munch) She is having a vanilla get together and wanted ling to sing a few songs. Master broached the topic with her and she didn't want to do it at all. Master then asked if He ordered it would she do it? ling said yes and she is doing it. i am quietly, excited:)

Master also told me something very interesting. When we went out to the club to hear ling sing the other night her mate was there. Master spent some time chatting with him. He was all to interested in what we did. Master thinks maybe he is more interested than ling realizes. Hmmmm???

i have to go prepare for Master.

December 01, 2006

Snow Storm

We had a blast of snow blow threw here and Master and i ended up without power for three days. It was difficult at first to be without my computer but Master kept me busy....hehehe. He chuckled at me and told me i had a lot of posts to catch upon....does that mean i have to do five posts now to catch up??? It can be hard to read his mind at times.

ling is coming over tonight. Master has told her that she will accompany Sir Garrick to a party. We talked after and she said it made her super wet to just be told she was going. ling really likes that control and Master is great at giving it. He is going to go over some rules with her tonight and then she is cooking us dinner. i am unsure if there will be play but i am sure Master has something up His sadistic sleeve.

During the power outage Master thought it would be fun to give me 40 smacks with each toy He had. He has about 29 different straps, whips, floggers, belts, felt endless. Master didn't do this all in one day which i am eternally grateful for. Let me just say that my ass and breast have some nice bruises on them....and it is killing me to sit and write this post. It was a fun challenge for me because i wasn't tied for any of the spankings/whippings. It was my challenge to endure without movement. We practiced some of the positions learned from ling and Master said i did wonderfully. There is one leather strap that made me wiggle and try to get away. i actually tried to cover my ass, totally wasn't thinking, which got me into a heap of trouble. There wasn't a lot of bondage just submission and beating...YUMMY!!

Well i am off to get ready for school.