December 07, 2006

Slacker & ling Special Post

Yes i am slacking on my posts, and Master knows about it. i have a set amount of time i am allowed to be on the internet each day. i usually read others blogs looking for inspiration...or maybe just procrastinating...and time flies by when you are reading....really it does!! i usually run out of time or stop and think i will get back to it. i have gotten bad with my time management and keep adding things to my schedule which isn't helping. i will find myself sitting in bed with the moment of realization that i forgot to post. i took a pretty intense bottom burner for my missed posts but Master says He is going to get more creative with punishment for missed blogs....OH great:)

Being in school is becoming increasingly difficult. my teachers are piling on the work and i have tests in each class coming up before the break....AHHHH! If i don't bring my grades up Master is going to reconsider this school thing....i don't want that so i have been cramming like a crazy lady.

ling sent me this email and wants me to post part of it here. she is trying to get back into posting...YEAH!!!

ling wrote.....
It seems strange to be here and posting. i was given a reprieve of sorts to get myself back into a good place. It is hard to be released and given to another even when it is for the best. i am finally starting to come into my place here with Sir & lucy. i love them both dearly and feel like Cloud has found a good place for me.

i have been training on the weekends with Sir and spending lots of time in bondage and toughening up my 'sensitive' areas...hehehehe. It has been wild and intense and i am loving it!!!!

Sir is very controlling and is always looking over my shoulder. i have to say that it has made me a better slave...those peering eyes. Having to look into His face and explain my failure to do something is intense....really intense actually. It is exactly the level of control i am after. Like last weeks Sir told me i was going to escort Sir Garrick to a vanilla party. There was no questions asked....just an order. i was given instructions for an outfit and told to fit it into my schedule. i think i almost orgasmed when Sir was giving me the instructions. It was strange feeling because i couldn't argue....i had to just act. It was great!!!

Control is something i need and long for. i am not sure why but i feel very secure when i have that sense of control over me. i feel safe! i know i am loved by my family....that is one thing i am not short on. i am the one with most of the control in my vanilla world and to relinquish that to a trusting, deserving individual is amazing!

i think lucy posted about my little open mic thing. Well my mate was there and got to meet Sir. They spent lots of time talking and getting acquainted with one another. It is nice to know that they are comfortable with one another. Then Sir hinted that my mate might not be as vanilla as i think....WHAT???? He told me they were going to have lunch and talk mate had more questions. They haven't has lunch date yet but i will keep you posted on that front.

that's about it for now.....Until next time!!!!


Anonymous said...

Now that you have accepted and have started again to grow I can relax. you are no longer the fledgeling as when we first met now a young song bird ready to fly, my dear ling.

lucy I am sure your grades will inprove you have a good Master he will see to it

my thanks to your Master for all he has done in putting my worries to rest.


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