December 02, 2006


i just ate half a pan of rice crispies treats!

Then to make myself feel better i tried to spread it thin across the whole pan. i knew Master would be upset at me eating as much as i did, but i needed it. Does it make me a bad slave because i ate the treats anyway? Maybe that makes me a submissive not a slave? i do most everything Master says. There are some things i get to do alone because i am so young. Master thinks i need a few freedoms. i AlWAYS ask before i do anything or make any big decisions....Essentially handing the decision to Master. i call myself a slave and Master calls me His for all intents in our house i am a slave.

Moving on......

Friday night was fun, fun. ling came over and cooked dinner for us. Then we talked with ling about her singing. We were all invited to a party at a friend house, (she is a member of the lifestyle...we met at a munch) She is having a vanilla get together and wanted ling to sing a few songs. Master broached the topic with her and she didn't want to do it at all. Master then asked if He ordered it would she do it? ling said yes and she is doing it. i am quietly, excited:)

Master also told me something very interesting. When we went out to the club to hear ling sing the other night her mate was there. Master spent some time chatting with him. He was all to interested in what we did. Master thinks maybe he is more interested than ling realizes. Hmmmm???

i have to go prepare for Master.


Anonymous said...

Smiles...nice to read your posts hon.

Warm thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Ewww are you getting slack on posts hon??? Or am I getting slack on counting???? Duh!!!! I am SURE somewhere along the line you have missed part of the 3 for a week....perhaps it was because you did one early making everyone THINK you were still doing three a week????? Hmmpphhhh hmmmphhhhffff??? yes? Very mischevious girly! Grins!!!!

Warm hugs to you and lil ling