December 01, 2006

Snow Storm

We had a blast of snow blow threw here and Master and i ended up without power for three days. It was difficult at first to be without my computer but Master kept me busy....hehehe. He chuckled at me and told me i had a lot of posts to catch upon....does that mean i have to do five posts now to catch up??? It can be hard to read his mind at times.

ling is coming over tonight. Master has told her that she will accompany Sir Garrick to a party. We talked after and she said it made her super wet to just be told she was going. ling really likes that control and Master is great at giving it. He is going to go over some rules with her tonight and then she is cooking us dinner. i am unsure if there will be play but i am sure Master has something up His sadistic sleeve.

During the power outage Master thought it would be fun to give me 40 smacks with each toy He had. He has about 29 different straps, whips, floggers, belts, felt endless. Master didn't do this all in one day which i am eternally grateful for. Let me just say that my ass and breast have some nice bruises on them....and it is killing me to sit and write this post. It was a fun challenge for me because i wasn't tied for any of the spankings/whippings. It was my challenge to endure without movement. We practiced some of the positions learned from ling and Master said i did wonderfully. There is one leather strap that made me wiggle and try to get away. i actually tried to cover my ass, totally wasn't thinking, which got me into a heap of trouble. There wasn't a lot of bondage just submission and beating...YUMMY!!

Well i am off to get ready for school.

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