December 27, 2006

melody posting

i get to perform with the band tonight!!!!!!

i wrote this a couple days ago and didn't get a chance to finish it. Sir told me to atleast post what i had so here it is........

The Holidays were fantastic. i finally got to have a nice mellow Christmas with my running around visiting people. It was just what i needed.....a few days home with my family. i made a nice rib roast with all the trimmings, and of course lots of wine & beer!

i also got to spend some time with Sir Michael & lucy. Things are strange between them right now. They are not really fighting just redefining things. As you all know lucy had to post about her punishment with LP. It has been since then that they are struggling. Sir thinks that lucy is young and needs to take some time to make sure she is in the right place. As we grow we may not alwyas be what we want or expect but we must accept it and embrace it. lucy has been taking time to think about herself and her place. Lots of things surfaced and one of the things was the addition of me. lucy has started to feel threatened by me. Hmmmm...not what i would have expected to surface but we all must deal with it now. The time i now spend with Sir is private and separate from lucy. she doesn't want to watch or see our sessions for a while. i can respect that. Sir told me that lucy initially wanted to be a part of things but is finding it harder than she expected. i asked if i should leave and Sir said no. He told me that this is ultimately what He desired and it was something that they would address and fix. lucy does't want me to leave either...she just nees time to adjust.

i am not used to this poly thing. i know my relationship with Sir Michael is SOOOO different from His relationship with lucy. i am better at separating things. i actually have my own there's about why lucy is acting out. i think it has a lot to do with her age. i will not comment any more unless asked.

Sir asked me to write about the difference between lucy and myself. i wasn't told why....Just told to do it. Here goes......

Of course there is the obvious physical differences. lucy is more olive complication than me and has a very petite frame. her hair changes color all the time...right now it is red. she has blue eyes and is very vivatious. her style is a bit punk meets vintage....strange but cute. her body is very toned....very nice. me on the other hand i am big and all stretched out from having kids. i have short dark hair and a great big smile. i am generally happy dress very casually....jeans and tshirts. i am serious about the things i have to do in my life and tend to be perceived as stand-offish sometimes.

lucy has a younger mind-set than i do. i would guess that she has a young soul while mine is a bit older. she is wild and carefree. she is all about risk....i am more about calculated risks. i have much more responsibility than her so i am a bit more serious. i need schedule, routine, and control. ..lucy needs more freedoms and is much more spontaneous than me.


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