January 08, 2007

melody posting

As you see there are a few changes made to the blog. Now both lucy and i will be posting here...along with Sir Michael. i am still learning how to add people to the contributers list but soon we will all be posting here.

Another change that has been made is an addition to my name. Sir wanted to give me something that would connect Us. He felt an addition of a name of His choosing would be appropriate way to start. Sir does not wish to strip me of the name Cloud gave to me so Sir has added melody...official name being fledgeling melody. i am a song bird and have brought many new melodies to their life....thus the name melody. i think it is cute. It is strange being given a name. It has significance....but what kind? i thought about how this name will change me...if at all. i think it might help me feel more connected to my new beginning. i am starting a new journey so it helps me connect and embrace that new beginning. i do not wish to loose who i was with Cloud....just enhance what i have become.

The three of us have spent a lot of time talking and addressing some of lucy's issues. Things seem to have evened out now and we are all excited to begin this new year together.

We had a nice juicy session the other night. i was tied to the spanking bench and watched as Sir brought lucy to orgasm....multiple times. i am now on orgasm denial and it is a wee bit difficult. Lately we have been switching. lucy was the one on orgasm denial for a few weeks and now it is my turn. Sir says He is going to push me harder this time around. Hmmmmm....should that excite me as much as it does? i am sure my thoughts will change after a few days of teasing.

i find that i really enjoy watching lucy being used. If i had a crotch rope last night i would have orgasmed for sure. i wasn't even fondled between my legs and yet i was on the edge of orgasm. listening to lucy beg and squirm under Sirs hand was SO exciting to me. It was amazing and something i hope i get experience again soon.

Well i am off to shave and prepare myself for Sir. he is coming over tonight to have a beer with my mate. Things seem to be heading in a good direction there. i can't wait to see if my mate really steps into this world????

Until next time.......

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