December 20, 2006

melody posting...Question

Does anyone know of a good electric razor that can be used for pubic hair?

i have been growing out my muff...per Sir's request. Now i have to shave and i was wondering if i could get is pretty short with an electric razor then smooth it up with a blade. i am scared to just try it. i am afraid it will pull or the hair will get stuck. Maybe i am being silly. i figured someone out there has tried it and if it can work then i want to know.

Any help would be much appreciated!!!


floweringhana said...

electric razors do not work, they leave razor burn and can cut the delicate folds. Instead use haircutting shears to cut it close to the skin, and than shave with a razor like normal. IF you have never shaved bare before let me know and I will send you a link on how to


Anonymous said...

I am not sure about the electric razor thing... I have a vague recollection that I may have used one once and it pulled the hairs out and made me look like a plucked chicken.....

I have read a lot of blogs lately where Masters have told their slaves that they are not to shave...wonder what's up with our Doms??

Must be the season or something?

Good luck with it hon and Merry Christmas to you and ling.


Anonymous said...

I've used an electric razor and yes, only had problems, i concur with the using scissors to get the muff-mullet style off, then a razor. Then PLENTY of moisturiser. Shave itttttttttt, shave it goooooooood. *ahem*