December 19, 2006

melody Posting

Hello everyone...Happy Holidays!!!

We have been hit with an intense wind storm last week and we have been without power until yesterday. lucy and Sir Michael are still without power and probably will be until after Christmas. They have gas heat but no power so they have been bunking here with us. It is nice to have the extra help of lucy with all the preparation involved in Christmas. my mate and Sir M have been getting along greatly and spending time together outside of us girls. At first i felt strange about this friendship but i am finding that i like it....this is why....

Last night my mate became somewhat Dominant with me while being intimate. As i said recently there has been a spark of interest from my mate but i didn't think it would really go anywhere. Sir says they have been talking a lot about it and that He has a genuine interest in learning about the lifestyle. When i first brought my desires to my mate he told me he didn't want to participate in things seem a bit different. Okay so back to last night....we were getting intimate and i was laying naked on the bed. my mate told a stern, commanding voice, to place my hands on the wall and not move for he was going to explore my body. i swear my clit pulsed with just the thought. He took his time and felt, and explored my body. It was a small thing but very nice and very welcomed. i would love to share this part of my life with my mate...that person i love. How perfect would that is like a dream to me.

i have had some alone time with Sir recently and that has been great. We are getting closer and i am learning how to really please Him. He told me He is really enjoying my service and i am loving being able to serve. It really helps me be content and centered. it is strange how one session with Sir makes me calm and centered. i took a whipping that i didn't think i could take which pleased Sir very much. He tied me to a spanking bench and told me He was going to try out His new toys on me. i was whipped with two new floggers, studded strap, wooden dowel and a paddle that looked like part of a tire. (that one hurt so bad!!!) i took twenty five smacks from each one and i honestly didn't think i could handle it. It has been a long time since my skin has felt that much pain and i thought i would wuss out...but i didn't. i became more and more centered and began to fly. it was amazing and made me want more. Sir told me i actually asked Him not to stop.....i don't know that i believe that....hehehehe. i asked Sir if He could do a session like that each week because the release i felt was amazing. Sir even told me i was more submissive than He has ever seen after that session. i was at peace and fully into my submissive was amazing. Thank You Sir Michael for taking em and caring so much about me. You are leading me into places i never thought i could experience again!

lucy and i are going shopping tonight for Christmas. i have been told that i will be wearing a butt plug and have my breasts bound during this excursion. i know lucy will have breast bondage too but beyond that i am not sure. We have a few "kinky" things we are supposed to do while at the mall. i have to make lucy orgasm in a changing room and we have to kiss numerous times while out and public view. That is going to be a hard one for me. i have never kissed a girl unless i was among likeminded people. i feel a little insecure about this task but i will do it. i feel comfortable with lucy so i can pull on that strength to get threw it.

all in all things are good here. it is nice to have good friends around and actually i wish we could all live like this all the time. We are functioning like one big family and it feels so right!

i wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to Cloud for all He gave to me over the last year. i know He and i couldn't continue and that breaks my heart each time i think about....but He did right by me. He was the first Dom that has every really done right by me and i am more appreciative than ever. i wouldn't be able to give myself in submission if it wasn't for Him. Thank You Cloud!!! i wish You all the best with minion. You deserve it and i am SO glad You found her!!!!

Until next time......


floweringhana said...

Hey ling,

I know what you are going through my Master and I started out nilla. It can take quite awhile, and we are still learning. Anyway...hugs to you and please tell lucy hi. I am sorry I haven't had time to keep up with her


Anonymous said...

I wish only the best for you in your journey and you seem to be in the right hand my sweet.


Anonymous said...

I am happy that you are progressing and managing to focus and find the positive side to your release ling, I can imagine that the split from Cloud must have been very hard and it is with delight that I read of your progressive journey hon.

Warm thoughts