December 13, 2006

melody Posting

i am posting here because i haven't gotten a new blog started yet. i feel strange about posting as Darklights fledgeling when i am not.....does that make sense. i am supposed to be blogging again so here is where i will be for a bit.

Yesterday Sir visited me at school. It was a nice surprise. When He arrived i was saying goodbye to my friend Morgan with a hug. Sir asked if i thought that was an appropriate thing to do. i had never really thought about it from His point of view. Is it appropriate fo rme to hug male friends. i think it is...Especially ones that Sir has already met. i couldn't imagine not hugging Morgan. Sir didn't say anything more about it just wants me to think about it.

i did my escort date with Sir Garrick. It was very vanilla and i really enjoyed myself. i haven't been a business meeting in a long while and i really enjoyed the stimulating conversation. i meet some nice people and had some amazing food....always a plus for me. At the end of the evening Sir Garrick gave me a spanking. i forgot how hard a persons hand can be. It seemed to hurt more than the flogger....hmmmm?

well my office hours are almost over. i will try to post more regularly and get my new blog space up and running.

Until next time.....

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