July 21, 2006


Per Masters request i have been spending time online connecting with other subs and gathering more information than i know what to do with. It is wonderful to meet so many subs and the willingness to share is amazing. i am quite shy and feel very insecure to post a photo or get to deep here.....but Master says that will change eventually. i know that means i will challenged to face those insecurities but i can wait....Definitely i can wait:)

i have run into a few freaks online which i expected. people who are rude and ask totally inappropriate questions....Especially when they know i have a Master. It has been interesting and i actually got myself into a wee bit of trouble.....seems to be a theme here. honestly i am not a bad sub just seems i only post about my punishments...Hmmmm? Anywho.....i was chatting with another Master and when Master read the chat log He did not like some f the conversations. He informed that what i was talking about with this man was for my Master only and i should tame my chats. i didn't initiate these conversations and felt it rude not to answer their questions. i was uncertain about what my boundaries were....BUT now i know. Master has cleared up any confusion i may have had. my punishment was not for the actual chatting but more for the fact that i didn't call Master and ask what my boundaries were with chatting. If i have a question like that i know i should ask before i act.....Ugh!! i do know better but i can't seem to remember these things in the moment....Hmmmm...maybe i need a little guardian angel to help me. my punishment was 30 lashes with the belt and then i had to spend the night in the attic on my lonely rug. i hate sleeping up there by myself. We have a baby monitor installed so Master can hear me but i know better than to call for Him unless it is life and death. The fact that i am freezing is not just cause to yell for Master.....bummer!

Master wanted me to write about my new challenge....or task. Master loves to keep in a state of neediness. SO i am on a tight orgasm restriction. i am to play with myself three times a day with my pocket vibe....for 10 minutes without orgasm. He told me He would be able to tell if i orgasmed and He is speaking the truth. my clit is already throbbing for His touch and i have only used the vibe once. This task has not been given a time line yet. He told me when He is ready to le me cum He will. That means it will be a long time. Last time we did a similar task and it was two months before i was allowed to orgasm....Yup two whole months. Let me just say when i was finally allowed some release it was the best orgasm i have ever had.

Master uses His sadistic side wisely during this time and tortures me relentlessly. He informed this morning it will be longer and harder than last time. Longer than two months and harder than being teased everyday....Hmmmmm....it makes me drip just thinking about it.

well that's about it for now i am off to shower and vibe!


floweringhana said...

i am glad you are getting some advice. What helps me is when I think that it is a "iffy" situation than I think to myself would I be embarrassed if I told my mom this stuff? If the answer is yes than I ask Master if its ok...

slave lucy said...


That made me laugh. Thanks for the smile and the advice!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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