November 12, 2006

LOTS of Fun!!!

The last few days have been filled with lots of play. ling came over on Friday and Master was home all weekend! On Friday we started with our demerits for the week. ling had 10 demerits and i had 3. Each demerit is worth 10 stroke from a instrument of Masters choice. i went first. i have been learning ling positions, the ones she learned in Clouds stable. i had to hold the punishment position while i received the punishment. ling had to choose my implement and i hers. She choose the riding crop and i choose the leather strap. It was funny because we each choose the others favorite. Maybe trying to make the punishment a little more enjoyable.

Holding the position was hard for me. i did enjoy the mental struggle i had to hold the that strange?

After punishment we had dinner. ling made this wonderful pasta dish with lots of vegetables. Master told her of His love for vege's and she has adjusted the menu to favor that. i think it is nice to have a sub around that enjoys that household stuff because i struggle with it. It is kind of funny because ling would enjoy staying home for a while and i would enjoy her work. Ahh well i think e are meant to learn something from one another.

The evening progressed into me enduring an intense bondage session while ling got a nice hard spanking. i know she needed the release and Master enjoyed giving to her.

ling seems to be the type of woman that needs validation and emotional support. i worry hat she doesn't receive enough of that here. i am the "primary sub" here (not sure how else to put it) and i worry she struggles with that. Master feels that ling needs this time for herself. When she is here she has to sleep on the floor and one night she spent in the attic....she has been rebelling a bit. i know that Master and i adore her. We are both exstatic that she is a part of our family....we only hope she realizes it!!!!!!!!!

i am supposed to talk a bit about how the bondage session was for me. it was easier than i thought. i think that is because i had something to focus on besides my pain. i was watching ling receive her scene with Master. i didn't even really feel the pain of my bondage until i was being let loose. i usually like the release from bondage but that night it was this intense burning feeling. It felt nice to take a hot bath afterward. It wasn't has hard as i thought it would be to watch Master play with another sub. i always thought it would be hard...that i would be jealous. i really love ling and i wanted her ot have the release she so desperately needed that i lt my own needs subside. i wanted to see her get her needs fulfilled. i almost orgasmed when while she was being flogged. i have to admit that i had a crotch rope that was tied in just the right position that i could have orgasmed if i wanted to....but i was told not to. Master would have known because i squirt.

Well the rest of the weekend had some nice events but i have to go prepare dinner for Master. hopefully i will be back tonight.

Best wishes to all and to all a good night:)

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Anonymous said...

Hey there! You are supposed to post three times a week remember!

Thats 2 posts you have done being Thursday 9 November and Sunday 12 November.... on my figuring if you dont have one for Thursday 16 November (and is is ALREADY Thursday 16 November in Australia for me!!) you should be in trouble .... grins...not that I am TRYING to get you into trouble.... I just enjoy reading about you and ling!

Winks cheekily