November 07, 2006

New Happenings

i realize it has been a while since i posted here and i am sorry. There have been many new developments in our world and i have been given a reprieve from posting while we get adjusted. Master has taken on a new sub full time. This has been a great new experience for all of us. It has added a lot to Masters schedule. It is amazing how much work is involved in taking on a new sub. Our routines have changed and many of my tasks have changed too. i will go into more detail soon.

Many people have read ling's blog. She was part of Clouds stable but He has recently released her. Master has taken her on as His sub...hence all the changes. i am thrilled to have a sister slave and ling is excited too. i think i bring out the brat in her and Master isn't really liking that.

i will be posting more regularly soon. i will also be giving more detail about my tasks and new routines:)

All my best to the blog world!

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