July 06, 2006

The Begining

my Master has given me the task of starting this blog. i suppose i should begin with an introduction to myself and my life....i am totally new to this online journal and i am very nervous about it. The thought of placing my inner thoughts on my submission in such a public forum is scary. i am a very private person by nature. The only person who knows my deepest thoughts is my Master. i am young, naive, and a novice in the area of public play or play with Multiple partners. i am not insecure.....just very shy. Master hopes this public forum will help me feel more secure in exposing myself to the public. He would like to attend public play parties and incorporate another submissive into our play as well. i want to give Master everything He desires, and i am grateful He is allowing me to take things slowly.

i have been with Master Michael for 3 years now. We met at a social gathering threw friends of the lifestyle. We formed an immediate friendship and from that friendship our D/s relationship grew. i was totally green to the lifestyle and was very eager to learn. Master Michael trained me and guided me into a submission that i never thought was possible. i didn't realize that my submission ran so deep within my heart and soul. Everyday my experience grows and deepens my submission to Master Michael.

i would call myself a bondage junkie. If i don't feel the ropes around me i find myself in this fog......lost almost. i long to be at the mercy of Master. i love the feel of His hands as they caress and tease my body. All the while i struggle within my binds....trying to find some tiny bit of sexual satisfaction. Master likes to keep me in a constant state of need. Meaning i don't orgasm very often. i have learned to find pleasure in other ways. It isn't easy but it is worth it!


CLoud said...

Welcome llucy it will be so nice to read about your inner most thoughts and to see your progression . My regards to Master Micheal.

slave lucy said...

Thank You Cloud! i am excited and nervous for this opportunity.

Master sends His best to You.