July 28, 2006

First a BIG thanks to all who posted a comment!!

Master said all of those exact things to me but i was really shocked! This proves how very naive i am in all this. The comments also made me a bit nervous...because that means people are reading what i am writing. i feel very insecure with that and immediately didn't want to post today. i am supposed to post three times a week. Master set this rule a few nights ago for my fears were beginning to take hold of me. i was feeling like my insecurities were being validated by that commenter. Master did not like this one bit and feels this new rule will help me step back out of my shell.

It is amazing to me how secure i feel with Master and how insecure i feel with others......Sexually/submissively that is. i feel i have been successful in my confidence in the work force....now to apply that confidence to my submissive world and i could really soar! Master will guide me and i will soar one day. (i don't really like all this figurative language but it is a nice way to put things)

A task has been given to me this morning. i was awakened and used.....quite roughly i might add. It was a nice way to center myself for the day and this task. After we were all cleaned up Master put my breasts into a nice bondage bra. Not too tight....just right. Then i was given a crotch rope that was a bit tighter and made me go instantly crazy. It has been a while without orgasm and i am really starting to feel the desire intensify. i WANT IT!!!! BADLY!!!! While Master was positioning the crotch rope He took full advantage of my desire. He teased and caressed my clit. i almost lost my footing. i got dressed and knelt by the bed and waited for instruction.

i was to wear the ropes till Master got home from work.
i was under NO circumstances allowed to touch the ropes except to go to the bathroom. (Master would be able to tell if i orgasmed because my sensitivity wouldn't be so high. It is going to be difficult dealing with that pressure on my clit all day. It really wouldn't take much to orgasm. A little rocking back and forth with my clit pressed between the ropes.......Ahhhh yes! That would be SO nice!)

Okay, okay......at some point during the day i was to venture out and purchase a few items for later tonight:
20 feet of rope
batteries of varying sizes
a new pocket vibe (this means i have to go to a sex shop)
porno video of my choosing (YEAH!!)
i have to ask for help atleast once while at the sex shop. That will be difficult for me. i feel like the person will know my dirty little secret....lame i know.

After i do my shopping i am and return home i am to spend the rest of the day nude and do a bunch of chores. i have to apply nipple clamps an hour before Master is due home. When Master returns home we are having dinner and then some fun.....YEAH!!!

Should be an interesting day.....i LOVE Fridays!!

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