July 30, 2006

Task Complete

It has been a very nice weekend here. We had a few friends over for a BBQ and that was great fun!!

Master has instructed me to finish writing about my task. i managed to get all the items on the list. Master did call me while i was out and added a big bag of clothes pins to the list.....Ugh!! When Master got home i had everything laid out for His approval and He looked everything over with this sadistic grin on His face. i could tell i was in for some sort of predicament.

i had put together a nice meal for us and Master said all this would wait till after dinner. my heart sank because the anticipation of all this was killing me. i now had to sit threw dinner without any relief from my ropes and i was anxious to know what Master had in mind for all those items. He knew it would be hard for me to sit threw dinner and not ask any questions......and it was horribly difficult....but i managed. Once dinner was over Master went into our bedroom and i was instructed to clean up the kitchen. UGH!!!!

When i finally finished i went into the bedroom and knelt beside the bed. Master instructed me to suck His cock....i did with great excitement. It didn't take much for my juices to start really flowing. Once Master was nice and hard He grabbed my hair and told me to grab the bar. (we have a canopy style bed and the bars are reinforced for bondage.) Master proceeded to touch my body all over....feeling how wet i was between my legs. He gave out this little chuckle when He ran His fingers over my clit. i almost jumped five feet i was so excited. Master then told me He would use all the item i bought today to place me in a bit of a predicament. Master loves watching me squirm....ALOT!

When Master went to loosen my crotch rope i thought....finally....but i was in for a bit of a surprise. Master inserted a big butt plug and attached the pocket vibe i bought right against my clit. Then He tightened the ropes again. i honestly thought i would orgasm right then and there. Master proceeded to untie my breasts and place one clothes pin at a time on my already tender breasts. There were 5 clothes pins in the bag. Master was kind and only used half the bag.....He managed to cover each breast well and a few on my pussy for fun....That's what He said! i was then placed on the bed in a tight hogtie. my hair was tied to my feet so that i could see the TV. Master then placed the porno i rented in the DVD player, turned on the vibe and told me not to orgasm without permission. At which point He placed a ball gag in mouth and left.

my mind immediately began to race. i had to calm myself so that i didn't orgasm. i initially thought i wouldn't watch the porno but whe i closed my eyes all it did was intensify my awareness of the vibe on my clit. i tried to wiggle around in hopes i could jar the vibe off the side of my clit, but all that did was increase the pain in my breasts. Being in the hogtie put pressure on all those clothes pins. my clit was screaming in pleasure, my tits were on fire and i had no idea when Master would be back.

It seemed like forever until i heard Master coming down the hall. i immediately began to squirm and moan trying to convey that i was ready to beg. To beg for my release! Master had other ideas. He pulled a chair up next to me and began to watch the porno with me. He made a comment about how long the movie was......60 minutes. OY MY GOD! He wasn't going to make me wait until the movie was over.....was He?

Master stood in front of me and removed the gag. He planted this big passionate kiss on me and sent shivers through my whole body. Then right in that romantic moment He shoved His cock down my throat. He face fucked me harder than ever before and when i felt His cum pour down my throat i felt at peace. (Of course i am not gonna lie and say i didn't want to beg to orgasm right then and there.....Because i DID!) Master grabbed my face in His hands and told me that i was a great slave. That He loved me and i had served Him well that night. He replaced the gag and told me He wasn't in the mood to hear me beg.

After the movie i was released from my hogtie and given a whipping that really made me fly. After the whipping....just when i thougth i couldn't take any more Master stepped close to me and started to play with my clit. i gave Master these pleading eyes....eyes that longed for that sexual release. Master removed the gag and told me that i could beg Him, and if i did a good job He would consider letting me orgasm. Let me just say that i begged with all my might.....every submissive bone in my body was behind that begging. Did i ever say that Master likes to give me tough choices in that state? He told me i could orgasm but i would have to sleep in the attic. If i didn't orgasm i could sleep in Master bed next to Him.....Ugh! Master also doesn't let me have long to decide. i quickly realized that i couldn't hold my orgasm any longer and let the wave of pleasure overcome my body. i could feel the puddle forming at my feet. i think it was the longest orgasm i have ever had....seriously. i was paralyzed in the pleasure.

i did spend the night on the floor in the attic that night....soaked in my own juices. Was it worth it???

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