August 02, 2006

Questions 1-10

art asked
1) What would your 'perfect day' consist of?
A whole day with Master....of course lots of playtime!! We don't get enough time together with Master's work schedule.

2)Is there anything you would not do for your master?
NO!. There are things i might struggle with but i always try my best to give Him what He asks.

3)If you could change or have one thing in life what would it be and why?
i would like to reunite with my family. i was given away for adoption at birth and grew up in the foster care system. i have no real family....except for Master now.

floweringhana said...
4) Do you have any crushes on other people?
i would have to answer yes tot his question. There is one womani n my life that i have a little crush on. Master knows of my attraction to woman an tries to indulge Us when He sees the right woman.

5) What is the most exhibitionist thing you done?
When i was first collard Master asked me to show my piercings to His friend and i thought i was going to die. i am not much of an exhibitionist....very shy around others. Master is trying to change this because He would really like to show me off.

6) What has scared you the most with your Master?
His love of needles.

7) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
i would love to be married and on my way to starting a family. Master has always said He doesn't want children but He has softened to the idea as our love grows. i know it sounds simple and silly to most but for me it is a dream. Having a family is something i have always wanted.

8) What is your favorite toy? why?
i like Masters belt. There is this closeness and warmth i feel from it as it slashes across my ass. i love how He takes off the one He is wearing and uses that one. i prefer everyday items for toys but that is just me. i do have to admit that i LOVE Masters ropes too. there is something so comforting about being bound under His control.....i feel safe and loved.

9) What is your least favorite toy? and why?
The Cane!!! i don't think i need to explain that one....hehehehe.

10) What is the hardest thing you Master has asked of you? And how have you overcome it?
Most new things seem hard at first but with training and support from Master i overcome my fears or apprehension. i do remember this one experience when Master asked me to pleasure His friend. i was instructed to kneel and suck His cock. It was a very hard mental exercise for me because i only wanted to give myself to Master. i had to change my mind set so that i recognized i was giving myself to Master by pleasuring His friend....for HIM! It was a strange change in my mental state. i felt like i was cheating on Master or maybe i wasn't worthy of His cock anymore. i have come to realize that every action Master orders of me isn't for anyone but Him. That was a hard one for me to overcome.

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