September 13, 2006

Alive and Well

Well it has been a while since my last post and i know i haven't made my three posts a week task....but Master has allowed me to break while Addy was here. I should mention that she stayed three days longer than she was supposed to....AHHHHH! It was a very long visit and of course she was her usual self. i initially thought about writing about all the little shit she pulled or said but figured it would be wasted i am glad she is gone and i am moving forward.

School has started and i am loving it!!!! It is a lot of work but the schedule works out perfect. i am gone after Master in the morning and then home before Him....always there to serve:) It is a very long day but i am adjusting. i start by getting up at 5am. i make Master coffee and breakfast then i hope in the shower. After i dry off while running around naked laying out Master's clothes and making sure He has all His needs met before going to work. Master leaves at 6:30 and i leave around 7. i am hone from school at 3:30 so i can get my chores done and start dinner before Master gets home at 6:00.

We have started to slip into a very routine feel around here.....very vanilla. Master has felt it too because i woke up to an email list of tasks for the day:

1) Wear your nipple clamps to and from school.
2) Masturbate inbetween each class but no orgasm
3) Once home i have to put on the leather breast binders and my chastity belt. i can not remove until Master gets home.
4) Kneel in the corner in the attic starting 30 minutes before Master is due home....wait for Him there.

i hope He has some other fun things in store for us....we shall see. i am glad to be back to some normalcy here. It is nice to be Master and me again:) That is the way i like it the best but it isn't my choice. Well i am off to class....a little late i know.

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