September 06, 2006


Master's ex-girlfriend (Addy) is coming to visit. They dated almost 20 years ago and have been friends ever since. Addy is a Domme but we do not play together. She does not like me because she thinks i am not a good sub for Master....or not a good fit for Him. She actually said that to my face....can you believe that!!

Every time she comes to visit i am on edge and very bitter. i know She will fight me for Master's attention and she will order me around. Master says i am supposed to show Addy the same level of respect i would any other Dom/Domme. UGH!!! That is so frustrating for me because do not like her. Have you ever tried to serve and be nice to someone you dislike? It is horrible!!!

Master has reassured me that He loves me and i am the best sub for Him. It is nice to hear that from Him and it makes me feel good. i know Master would never do anything to hurt me on purpose.....but why do we have to allow this woman in our house? i am not allowed to have contact with my Ex's So why does Master get to? i know the answer to that one but wish it wasn't so.....Grrrrr!!

well i am off to feel sorry for myself.....


kk said...

lucy i feel bad that you do not share the the pleasure as i when playing with your Master's friends.

i think if you just be the best submissive slave you can be, no matter how much you hate her, u will have fun.

the fun will be her hating you for such a good subbie to her.

hope this helps you though it. i will be thinking of you.

big hugs
slave sister

kk said...

being such