September 20, 2006


As usual things have been hectic here. After we have guests it take us a bit to get back into the swing of O/our life....if that even makes any sense. Master is back to His regular schedule for work and i am off and running to school....YEAH!!

i LOVE school!!! i love learning and i am loving the information i am learning. i feel so grateful for this opportunity that Master has given me. Thank You Master!!!

One of my teachers is a good friend of mine....Someone i think of as a best friend now. She has really become an important part of mine and Master life. There is a great connection between the three of us. The reason i bring her up is she has been going threw a time of self awareness and discovery. She is trying to understand her submission and her desires. She has a crazy busy vanilla world and a long distance Dom. Honestly she has made many big adjustments recently to make time in her life for her submission. i am impressed with her determination to not just put her submission on the back burner. i am impressed with her determination to live her deepest desires.

The last few nights i have been spending time talking with her and mostly listening. She thought she was ready to jump back in and give her Dom the commitment He was looking for....but now she is back in thinking mode at her Dom's request. she is questioning everything she had felt strong about a few days ago. she is feeling down and like maybe she choose the wrong path...she is questioning everything she thought she had decided the past weeks. i understand the need to really think things threw but there is a point of overthinking and i feel she is there. Master and i have talked lots about our friend and we would love to take her into our circle. Master loves training and the connection is there between us....but she is smitten with her Dom. Which i understand completely....just wishing for myself...HAHA! i just want to see my friend have all she desires. she has the biggest submissive heart of anyone i have ever met. i know she will find her place in time i just hope time doesn't become the enemy.

Master has put me on a tight leash this past week....well since Addy left. i have been used ever night and in ways i haven't been since training. i am feeling really centered and focused on Master which is a very secure place for me. i just hope my friends finds her center and focus soon. i also hope she know i am here for her as is Master.


kk said...

slave sister lucy did you get my email i sent you?

kk said...

lucy resent it to you. look in you junk mail it might be there.