November 20, 2006

A Quickie

Tonight i am going out to watch ling do an open mic performance. i am SOOOOO excited. Just watching her up there on stage makes my pussy throb....she really has been getting my juices flowing lately. she looks so beautiful up there on stage. ling has a lot of talent but will not admit to it.

Master sent me an email with instructions on what i am to wear to the performance. (He is going to meet me there.) i am to wear this tight wrap around shirt i have with no bra....and no panties either. a short black skirt with my knee high boots. i think i will look like a slut but that is what Maser wants then that is what Master gets.

The other day at the grocery store the check out clerk was totally hitting on me and Master didn't like it. He said it was because i was flirting back which i didn't really think i was doing. Master usually like sit when guys try to hit on me but not the other day. He told me i was acting inappropriately and i found myself in a heap of trouble. Now when i look back i think i was flirting a weeee bit but it was harmless. my ass is killing me and i am on orgasm denial for a while. that means a long time when Master doesn't designate a time frame. Ugh....why do i do this to myself.

Well i am off to get ready for tonight. i will make ling post so you all can know ow she did. i wonder if we could put an audio clip on here...hmmm something to ask Master???


Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful it would be to get an audio clip of ling! I hope Your Master allows it. Please please hurry up and make a post about the evening, I love reading your posts and look for them and look forward to them...just as an aside.... Monday the 20th of November.... Thats ONE post for the week and two to go by Thursday! Grins



slave lucy said...


you are to cute. Master is going to haveling post about her night...becasue it was SO great!!!!

Thanks for always coming back!
Slave lucy