November 22, 2006

Holidays and More

Well ling's performance was amazing!! Master has been calling her melody because of the beautiful sounds that she produces....cute huh? she sang three songs.....with her friend Morgan. (side note...He is REALLY good looking) Master is going to work on getting the audio thing to work on blogger. He tried but everytime we went to play it it would bog our system down.....Ugh to blogger.

Master finally got to meet ling's mate. They got along exceptionally well....better than anyone thought. He seemed really curious about what Master and i do with her and Master wonders if maybe is more interested than ling thinks. The boys are going to get some beers over the holiday and talk. When i asked about what Master said i was being a nosy slave so that's all i got.

Now i was hit with a bomb of information yesterday.......Master's family is coming for the holiday. OH MY GOD!!! my heart about dropped out of my body. Master is very open about His lifestyle. No, i don't walk around naked and get beaten in front of them but our roles are clearly defined and we represent them at all times. Needless to say His family isn't all supportive. Master's mom is a wonderful woman and she loves how i "take care" of her son. His sister is a total bitch. Her and i do not get along and she thinks i am adding to the repression of woman. i can't stand her and she can't stand me...should be fun. she walks all over her husband but sees nothing wrong with that. Now Master's brother is young and horny....He is always hitting on me. Master thinks its funny but i really don't like it. Master has made arrangements for the food so all ihave to do is clean and prepare the guest quarters. This should be an interesting holiday.

Being that we have guests Master has given me a little break on my posting. If i choose not to get my three posts in then they will be added to the next week after the holiday. i am thinking i should just get threw the posts since i only have one more but i am worried i will be too distracted when they arrive. We shall see.

i am off to work on my chores.

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