November 22, 2006

Crotch ropes suck!!

Today after lunch Master grabbed me by a fist full of hair and pulled me up into the attic. He looked deep into my eyes and told me to strip and grab the overhead bar. Ofcourse i had to begin asking a million questions and being a smart ass....which didn't go over too well. See Master and i had been verbally teasing and playing all day and so it was hard to change gears that fast. i was still feeling childish and playful, but Master was not. i took a few swift smacks to the ass and was told to be silent or He would make me silent. i was silent immediately for i wasn't in the mood to do chores with a gag.

Master proceeded to bind my breasts. After they were bulging and turning a nice red color He took each nipple and placed a weighted alligator clamp on each. i felt that initial burn run threw me and then it subsided into a manageable pain...until Master flicked the weight. (He really is sexy when that sadist comes to life...yummy) i guess i don't have to say how wet i was at this point....Especially since i am on orgasm denial for a while. During these time Master likes to make my agony even harder and that is where the crotch rope comes into play.

First i was filled with a nice thin vibrator which was kept in place with a tightly tied crotch rope. Master positioned my clit right in between two strands of the rope...making my clit swollen with excitement. Then Master added one more rope that had a knot so nicely placed right up against my swollen clit. This rope was tied a wee bit looser so as to add a rubbing sensation when i moved. Master then kissed me, removed the nipple clamps, and told me to go about my chores. Here were my rules for this predicament:
~If i complained to Him i would be punished.
~If i messed with the ropes i would be punished.
~If i orgasmed i would be severely punished.
~i was allowed to beg, with permission, for release from my torment but i would have to present three GREAT arguments as to why i should be released....UGH! (this three argument thing never works for me because i get so distracted by my predicament that i can't think of three, GREAT reasons)

Now i went and started my chores. At first i was enjoying the pain and pleasure waves. i didn't really have as much trouble fighting back orgasm as i initially thought. After about an hour of enjoying my ropes i began to really feel the burn. The rope with the perfectly placed knot started to actually give me a rope burn...or that's what it felt like. Every move i made caused this burning sensation...UGH.

Master is calling for me so to be continued......


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh delicious...... I love the idea of crotch ropes but never had one.... lucky girl!

Grins...what happened next?


Anonymous said...

I see that you are enjoying the holidays I hope all are well.

Anonymous said...

Hope i could try one...

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to try that, great writing too