February 15, 2007

A Few Emotional Thoughts......

i have been reading a few blogs about emotion in relation to the BDSM lifestyle.....in particular looking at the questions: Do all slaves want emotion from their Dom? For me i wonder if a relationship can be successful without emotion (in any realm)?

When you have a "vanilla" life outside of the lifestyle it can become difficult to give emotionally to both relationships. Of course we have to put our "vanilla" life first and by the time i get tot he BDSM i don't want emotion....to a degree. there are many times when all i want is to be submissive and serve. i want to be used and abused! i want Sir to be stern and strict. i want the leash to be held tightly for that is where i tend to feel the most peace. Now that being said....

submission is a crazy emotional journey. One that touches on SO many emotions. (i tend to be on the more emotional side) There are times when i get confused and insecure about things.....i will question my submission or have a particularly hard session that sends me into an emotional whirl wind........or the ever famous sub drop. During those times i look to my Dom for emotional support. i look to feel that He understands me and can share in the emotional journey as well as the physical journey. i would also guess that this lifestyle can be emotional for Doms too and i would like to share that journey with my Dom....or share in it at least.

i think that a relationship can be successful, without emotion, if you can emotionally support yourself....HA!

i have struggled with this in previous relationships. It is strange to me that someone wouldn't want emotion in any relationship, but everyone has different needs.

Until next time.........

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Anonymous said...

Great thoughts melody. I can relate to everything you said, but, there is no way I could be as deeply into my submission as I am, without emotion.

For me the emotion has to be there, I guess it just depends on how far/deep the individuals within a relationship wish to take it and whether all needs are met with, or without emotion.