February 23, 2007

Strange feelings

Yesterday created a strange set of emotions for me. Sir has been really putting me in some strict bondage lately. He really enjoys hog tying me on a table. He moves up to the edge of the table so that my breasts hang over the edge. This allows for easier access to my nipples. Sir attaches my collar to the ceiling hooks so that i don't topple forward. It isn't the most wonderful of positions to be in for a long time but i put a personal challenge on myself to take it longer than the time before. i wonder if other subs/slaves do that? Anyway, we have been having lots of bondage lately and i really needed a rest. my body was killing me and my muscles really needed some down time. i politely asked Sir if i might have some time to rest before we progressed forward. Sir told me that i could but i had to rest in the cage.

OH Man! This is a big challenge for me. i wanted so badly to give the right answer here. i honestly didn't want to rest in the cage. When i asked i had this fantasy idea of resting snuggled in Sirs arms on the nice fluffy pillows........ON THE BED!!! Now my mind was scrambling.....i hate those curve balls Doms throw us from time to time. i decided that i needed the rest so i decided to opt for the cage. Sir seemed surprised....

Sir moved the cage into the bedroom next to the bed. He instructed me to lock my cuffs together and crawl into the cage. Once in the cage Sir told me He was going to nap and i would be left in there for the duration of the nap. He put a blindfold on me and locked the cage.

i was immediately nervous and felt i would never be able to last a couple hours in this cage. i began to use some of my meditation techniques.....Thank you CLoud......and relaxed myself. my thoughts wondered from my submission to all the papers i need to grade. It felt strange to think about work in the situation i was in.....hehehehe.

All in all i think i would say i enjoyed it. it forces you to relax and focus....or center yourself. Once released from the cage i was a moldable submissive to say the least. i was putty in Sirs hands and we both really enjoyed it. Because of the effect it had on me Sir wants to use it more often........Not to sure how i feel about that.....Hmmmmmm:)

i am really enjoying exploring my submission. Sir is wonderful!


Now onto some great news........lucy will be returning for good next week. i am SOOOO excited and Sir is too! He is like a little kid getting ready for Disney Land. It is refreshing to see such love! They are going to spend some time together and i will be doing odd tasks each day.

Sir told me i will not be allowed to orgasm during that time. (i have no comment on this at this time)

Until next time.........


Optima said...

i think it is wonderful the ways you and Master Micheal are exploring your submission to Him. i have always wondered how i would react to a cage, but yet to be placed in one. i am sure that would be a wonderful place to just reflect.
Being a "maoldable" sub is when i enjoy life the most.
i am glad it turned out to be a good experience for you.
i am so happy for you both with lucy returning! i can't wait to hear how her homecoming went!!

CLoud said...

I am happy for you