February 23, 2007

My thoughts on the cage

In the previous post melody talks about spending time in the cage. I thought I would give my feelings on it.......

I want more!

The thought of melody helpless and waiting. Wondering what I would do next? How long would I leave her there? Building her desire and curiosity. I can honestly say that I didn't sleep much during my proposed nap. I was to busy handling my erection.

I would like to comment a little on having lucy in the cage. lucy doesn't like the cage. I have been soft with her and not pushed my desire to have her there. After my response to melody being caged I am definitely going to put lucy there more often. I am going to be much stricter with lucy and make her recognize that she is there to satisfy my needs first. I do like to satisfy her too but not as much as she will hope.

That's all for now!
Master Michael

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