February 25, 2007

BAD subbie move.....BIG punishment

Last night Sir had a few friends over for cocktails. It was only for an hour or so to show off His new deck to a few co-workers. Sir told me my duties early in the day via email.......my job was to fix a simple appetizer and drinks. Sir told me i was allowed to have a drink too but only one. my first priority was to attend to Sir and His guests. No problem........

Now i had the most HORRIBLE day! Whatever could go wrong went wrong. After work all i wanted to do was go home and have a big stiff drink. i of course could not do that.....NOOOOO i had to go be super nice subbie to a bunch of people i didn't know, and put on a happy face while i did it. Once i got to Sir's house i did as instructed and tidied up the house and put my appetizer together. When the guests arrived i made nice and took drink orders. Now this is where i made my bad choice.......

i knew i could have one drink, SO i made mine extra stiff. (basically all vodka and a splash of tonic) i hadn't eaten much that day so it went straight to my head. i managed to maintain myself through the cocktails and when the guests left i excused myself to the bathroom. i was pretty drunk and didn't want to admit it. i was going to splash a little water on my face and pull myself together.

While looking for a towel i stumbled, lost my balance and fell into the bath tub. All the while pulling down the shower curtain and banging my head into the tile wall. It all happened so fast and i was in total shock. i just laid there stiff as a board. Meanwhile Sir came running down the hallway and burst into the bathroom to make sure i was okay. i was okay.....just a wee bit drunk. i still can't believe it did that......Ugh!!!

Now i am in BIG trouble!!!! punishment undecided as of yet.

Until next time..

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