February 26, 2007



Sir told me that i have to present a few ideas for punishment. Sir wants me to really think threw my infractions and find a real punishment. (He is REALLY angry with me)

my infractions:
1) Drinking too much
2) Trying to hide my mistake. Then when confronted i tried to make excuses for myself
3) Breaking the shower curtain rod
4) Taking away Sir's ability to use me that night. (This is the big one)

i was thinking that a good hard spanking would be good but i would enjoy that too much for it to be a punishment. Loosing my girls night with lucy...but that would hurt her too. There is a ton of anal options that would totally suck.....Ugh i just don't know what to say. Nothing really appeals to me....Go figure!!!!

Any ideas???


{milla} said...

Spanking with the broken rod? no alcohol for a while? And i mean them as punishments for whoever made your day a horrible one!! Grrr.

Thank you again for your kind words on my blog.

But seriously, i don't know. I'm awful at deciding my punishments. No alcohol at the next function would be pretty annoying for me. (Not that it's about me, hmm)


Optima said...

i went to bed last night trying to think of something to suggest, but man, that's hard to do! i'll keep thinking today & if i come up with something, i'll drop you a line.
milla took what came to mind first ;) spanking with the rod and then i thought a good caning....

Try to have a good day!

CLoud said...

well should you need help in finding a just punishment do let me know seems I had similar problems with ling

floweringhana said...

I had a friend of mine have to kneel on a mat of upward turned bottle caps while writing lines.

Her owner added ruler hiting the palms of her hands at intervals.

You could always do the stand by, dismissal for a certain amount of time


{milla} said...

God i've sat on bottle caps but never knelt on them. Whole other world of pain i imagine. Pretty flower patterns on your knees just wouldn't quite be a consolation.