February 27, 2007

An Idea

Sir told me to thank everyone for their ideas....especially Cloud. Cloud sent me this beautiful email with, what Sir calls, a fabulous idea.

Clouds idea: figging - pealed ginger root soaked in water and inserted into the rectum. The burning sensation for some is unbearable coupled with bondage so that you cannot wiggle. great for tasks where you need to concentrate and even house work. The ginger brings out a new level of punishment.

Sir is going to use Cloud's idea coupled with a good caning with the shower curtain rod. (i tried it out on myself and it stings....i imagine that is nothing compared to Sir's swing) Sir has not decided how many times or how long the punishment will go on for. Ugh.....why can't i just be a good sub. Or at least think before i act.

Thanks everyone for commenting.


{milla} said...

You're going to be a bit ginger for a while after that punishment.

Couldn't resist.




CLoud said...

being such a great chef I thought you would enjoy a taste of ginger. I find it makes things taste so much better The Japanese or could be Chinese make a wonderful ginger ice cream I wonder what effect that would have should it be placed where the sun don't shine. .

Anonymous said...

yes....figging.... I personally love ginger placed inside that ever so small hole.... grins...just be thankful you dont have a butt plug with cinnamon oils on it inserted...now that KILLS!!!!