March 09, 2007

It's been too long

This morning i looked at the blog and realized how neglectful we have been.

lucy is home....YAY!!! We had a wonderful home coming and many of the 'kinks' have been ironed out. i am sure there will be bumps along the way but we seem stronger and more cohesive. When in a poly type relationship it is easy to get stuck at those bumps. If one person struggles longer than the others it can be difficult. i have learned lots about patience and really hearing someone.

One change is we have more clearly defined relations with one another. I will explore my Dominant side with lucy but she will not with me. It became to hard for lucy to switch roles. I really like the idea of exploring that side of things. i think it will help me understand my submission at a deeper level. It has been along time since i really delved deep into my submission and i am really looking forward to doing it again. lucy on the other hand hasn't had as much opportunity to really experience the depth of submission and she feels she needs to concentrate on that. Master Michael will use us both together from time to time which i really love doing!

i feel like we are complete having lucy home again!

Sir Michael informed me that i will be spending more time in the cage soon. i feel nervous about it but i find that it really helps me center myself within my submission. When locked in a cage you really have no option but to think. It puts me in my place so to speak. i do feel very vulnerable after a session with the cage....almost needy. i think it might be mild sub drop but how can just being in the cage do that. Usually i only experience sub drop after a particularly intense session.

One a more vanilla note.........
i have been given the opportunity to teach a few classes in a more public setting. There are a few restaurants that offer cooking classes to the public and I can't get to teach a session on quick meals with a gourmet feel. This is something i do often at home, and i can't wait tot ouch in with my demographic.

The other day while at school this intern approached me and asked me out for coffee. He wants to talk about some private cooking lessons. i would love to do that and make some extra money but I am nervous. We have this flirty exchange and it really turns me on.....Now this guy is absolutely gorgeous, and i am really attracted to him. Part of me wished we could do the cooking lessons in the nude but that isn't realistic....hehehehe

Until next time......

Oh yeah....i will ahev topost about the figging SUCKED!!!!


{milla} said...

Great to see you back melody. Say hi to lucy and Master Michael for me.



CLoud said...

hmmm I think you will do well switching I seem to remember a conversation or two I think lucy will enjoy your evil mind.

Optima said...

So great to see you post again!! i am so happy that you are all so happy together! i would love to hear about your Dom experiences as i have had fantasies of that myself ;)
Not sure i wanna hear of the figging though, that scares me!!! lol
You take care {{{{hugz}}}}

CLoud said...

my my that blog on figging has not yet appeared could be it that it was just too much fun for you melody


Anonymous said...

Yeaaaaahhhhhh were are you all?