May 20, 2007

An Adventure

lucy actually talked to us today for the first time!!!! Oh my god i am on cloud nine!!!!!


This is from Sunday.....didn't get to finish it till today.

Great news......lucy is doing much better!!!! she is regaining strength everyday and seems to be maintaining a positive streak. We are continuing to be hopeful and are supporting her 100%.

i have a tendency to retreat into myself during times of intense emotional stress. i hate to be seen weak and i feel i must be strong for everyone else. If i am down and out then the whole world will fall apart....right???? HAHA! Sir is making write Him a daily email expressing how i am feeling? Where i feel weak and where i feel strong? and why? It has become a hard email to write because once i got past the easy emotions it becomes harder and harder. i have to go deeper and deal with some demons. i am feeling stronger than i have ever felt in my life and i know i am loved and supported. i just need to keep it real and not be sucked into myself. Sir is being great but He is pushing me.

i want to write about a surprise Sir gave me....or i suppose it was for Him, but man did i enjoy it too. i feel somewhat guilty for writing this with the hard emotional situation we are all in right now. Sir says we both needed a little release and He gets what He wants. Okay, so here goes.....

"Go up stairs, remove all your clothes and prepare yourself to be used." Sir whispers softly into my ear

"What? Please You must be kidding." my idiotic reply

Sir quickly grabs my hair, pulls my head back, and loudly repeats Himself.

"i am sorry Sir i forgot my place for a minute.....sorry Sir" my plead before the storm

i go upstairs and get myself ready. All the while thinking about what is in store for the evening. i was just cleaning figuring i would be cooking and cleaning most of the night.....well i was wrong! YIPPEEEE!!!! i felt my clit pulsing in excitement.

Once prepared i went back down stairs and presented myself to Sir. (arms behind my head, legs spread as wide as possible, back slightly angled to push my bottom out a little, cuffs and collar) Sir just looked at me for a long time and didn't say anything. He slowly walked around me and examined me and all my private parts. Probing me in all my sensitive areas. Then He reached in between my legs and i thought i was going to orgasm with the first bit of pressure on my clit. i practically lost my balance (which you do NOT want to do)

Sir informed me that our friend, Master Page, was coming over to help in the evening festivities. (Sir is unable to physically give me a proper beating so He had to enlist a little help) i was instructed to show Master Page complete respect and do everything He asked. Any hesitation on my part would result in punishment. i have to say that when i heard it was Master Page i felt immediately nervous. i am SOOOOO attracted to this man it is like a school girl rush. Every time He touches me i practically faint.

Moving ahead........

When Master Page arrived i served drinks and the men made casual conversation while i knelt in the corner trying not to fall over:) After drinks i was lead upstairs and my arms were strung up over my head and pulled very tightly. i was on my tip toes but i was given a pair of heels to help.....very much appreciated that. Sir went and put music on and Master page continued to tie me into place. No body said anything to me directly. they talked about em and to each other but not to me. i was like an object in the room and it felt very exciting!!! my legs were tied to two eye bolts in the floor. my breasts were bound with rubber bands and once they were plump and purple Master Page attached alligator clips to them. i screamed out in pain.......that was rectified rather quickly with a ball gag.

Once the men were satisfied Sir pulled a chair up right in front of me so i could see Him clearly. Then Master Page started in on my back and thighs. First with a leather flogger then a crop......then three different canes and a belt. After He was done with my back side He moved to my front making me scream from behind my gag. i seriously thought i was going to bust out of my binds i was straining so hard. my breasts were on fire and there was nothing i could do about it. i was given a few breaks in between instruments but this beating was a long, hard one.

i was taken down and held and supported by both men. i felt like a goddess.....a submissive one that is....hehehehehe. Sir told me i was to pleasure Master page as a thank you for His services. i eagerly took that cock in my mouth and gave that man a blow job like i hadn't had cock in years. It was beautiful and i loved it. Even if it wasn't Sir i did it for Him and that was enough.

Sir also informed me that i wouldn't be allowed to orgasm until He was the one to give it to me. my pussy throbbed with more excitement than it has in a long time. i LOVE orgasm control. As hard as it is i LOVE it!!!!! Sir was proud of me and i was content. A beautiful night!!!!


gidget said...

i'm so glad that lucy is talking! that is the best news! Also, it's great to hear about your little fun. i find that getting used is one of the best ways to relieve stress.

keep up with the updates! my thoughts are with you guys.

Anonymous said...

Oh mel...what wonderful news!!!! Know that I am thinking of the three of you. Master Michael is correct....release is a wonderful thing....especially in times like these.


lee ann said...

i'm happy to hear lucy is doing well. :)

alligator clamps? i did a search for them, they look way worse than the evil clover clamps. shhhhh, don't tell my Sir. :)

isn't the gag just heaven?


i'm not sure i've commented before, but i've been lurking for awhile.