May 22, 2007


i am exhausted. All day i run from one place to another....from home to work, then to Sir's house then back to my house to deal with my wee one then to the hospital and back to Sir's house. Sometimes i have to sleep at home or have my little guy stay with me at Sir's house. i am run down and a bit overwhelmed. All my free time i want to spend at the hospital but i can't. i have so many other responsibilities that i can't just be at the hospital.

i am tired and could definitely use a rest.

lucy is doing great. She is tired but definitely on the mend. It wills till be a long haul of rehabilitation but i think she will do great. It is comforting to know she is doing better. The stress of worrying about it and feeling total sadness inside. i am happy that she is getting better.

i am off to cook dinner.
Until next time.....

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CLoud said...

I am happy to hear about lucy , hang in there melody your time to rest will be soon.