May 24, 2007

Letting it out

Today i cried. One of those cleansing cries that only happens so often. i feel so sad inside that i finally couldn't hold any more in. i feel much better now....ready to take on the next few months of hard work.

lucy is doing better and better with each day. A BIG thank you to all the support that has come in.

Until next time....


M:e said...

Times like this are hard....tears are a wonderful release. In taking care of lucy and Master Micheal, remember to be kind to you too.

btw...the site looks wonderful, and the colours are much easier to read. I'd almost given up on trying to read the pink type, so a big thank you.

hugs xxx

{milla} said...

Thinking of you all still.
Glad you could let some of it out.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, although only blog friends...we are friends and we genuinely care....perhaps we are closer than "real" friends as we read your deepest thoughts and take you and accept you as you are.

You cry sweetness, cry and cry and cry...lay in bed for a day and dont feel guilt, knowing that the next day you will be stronger and better able to cope.

All my love, thoughts and the warmest of warm hugs.


Master Michael - lucy & melody said...

Thank you all SO much! It is nice to be accepted as i am and supported.

Thank you!