May 31, 2007

Lots of Love

Lucy will be coming home in two days!

It seems the doctors are going to wait on the second surgery. they want her to be stronger so she will continue with her physical therapy and once she is strong enough she will have the second surgery.

i am SO happy! i can't even put into words how i feel. i am relieved, happy, comforted, emotional, and very much in love. This whole experience has made me take notice of my love for both Sir Michael and lucy. i didn't realize how much i loved them. It is somewhat sad that it take something like this to make me see it. my heart thumps with so much love and respect for them it almost hurts.

i am thankful for my husband and my son
i am thankful for my Sir and lucy
i am thankful for my health
i am thankful for my ability to love
i am thankful for the love i receive from all the people in my life
i am thankful for my strength
i am thankful for all the support i feel here
This list could go on and on but these are the most important to me

Until next time......


Optima said...

Oh melody, sweet heart, I had no idea what has been going on!! I have been so busy, unable to get online at all and I just read back to the accident.
~~hugs to you all~~

I am glad to hear that lucy is coming home in a couple days, she will feel so much better at home!
My prayers are with you, please hang in there and take care of
I will be checking back often to see how things are going.

M:e said...

this is such good news!!


gidget said...

Yay lucy will be coming home! you are such a wonderful person. i'm so glad that everything is getting better!

wicked kitten said...

*claps* yay! im so glad she is well enough to come home! i hope she continues on her road to a fast recovery. best wishes

Miss Frans wickedkitten

wicked kitten said...
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Anonymous said...

what wonderful news!!!! Makes my weekend!!!!! and with the two of you taking care of her.....she will continue to grow stronger and stronger!

HUGS to all
Owned by Gentlehand

china said...

i am so glad to hear lucy is coming home!!!! What fabulous news for Yyou all.