May 17, 2007

Sad News

It has been a long couple of weeks for us. About three weeks ago Sir Michael and lucy were in a car accident. Both had very serious injuries. Sir Michael came home a few days ago and lucy is still in the hospital. She is in critical condition and we are not sure what is going to happen.

i have been putting off coming here for it is really hard for all of us to accept. It is so hard when bad things happen and there is no rhyme or reason for it. i know everyone is waiting for the pictures and more updates on my Domme experience but i just haven't felt right about continuing on here like nothing happened. Sir Michael told me i had to at least post a quick update and when i am ready i am to write more about my Domme experience. He feels keeping me focused will help with all my emotions. i think He is right.

i am staying with Sir for a while to help Him around the house. He is on crutches and needs constant attention for He had to have two surgeries. We hired a nurse for the times when i am at school and then i pick up my wee one and off to Sir's we go. Everyone has been great support around us and together we will get threw this.

i apologize for our inconsistent posting and per my Sir's orders i will be posting regularly again soon.

Until next time.....


Anonymous said...


I am SO so so so SO so sorry mel.

God, I am terribly saddened to hear this news, particularly about lucy. At least Sir is home and progressing.... but can you please tell us whether lucy's condition is "critical" as in "critical, critical"? I mean.... will she be coming home?

Its hard to tell through your writing whether she is going to be okay....

My kind thoughts are with you all. If you need to email to just vent, cry or ANYTHING please do, sometimes it helps just to let things out....

Love, hugs, soft kisses on your cheek. Be strong honey.

Love rosie

{milla} said...

Oh my god. That's just dreadful, i'm so so so so sorry. Yes, lucy.... how is she? I guess critical explains it all.... Far out.

Thinking of you all. My thoughts are with you as you struggle to put lives back together.

Much love,


CLoud said...

My heart goes out to you all. lucy needs your strength and the knowledge that Micheal will be there for her. They both need you to focus melody if you should need me you know where I am. My thought are with you all.