April 29, 2007


Sir informed that i will be posting some pictures here on the blog. Pictures of me being used. This totally freaks me out. i am not sure i am ready for this but He seems to think i am. i should trust and go with it......but i am totally insecure. i actually worry about what people in the blog world will think....isn't that stupid?

i will post more later about my first experience as a Domme.

Until next time........


CLoud said...

finally pictures, wow how many years has it been? I look forward to read about your domming experience . Will we hear from lucy on how well you did also?

Gidget said...

i don't think it's stupid that you care about what people will think in blog world. It's completely normal, but just know that the people who actively read your blog aren't going to disapprove. i also can't wait to hear about your domming experience.

Anonymous said...

gidget is absolutely correct. Those of us who read you would never disapprove. I cant imagine that any of us would think you anything but beautiful, not to mention hot! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi mel, I understand your fear of posting pictures, but the feeling once they are there brings me closer to my inner submission, knowing they are there because Master has instructed me to put them there and it pleases Him.

You will find that the majority of bloggers appreciate the intimacy of photographs and do not in any way judge. The odd one or two that dont, have no appreciation for our lifestyle.

Cant wait to hear of your latest experiences.

Love to you and lucy.


Anonymous said...

And still waiting....smiles....

Optima said...

DITTO on what Rosie and martha said!!
Sir is now having me add pictures also and oh boy, do I understand completely what you are thinking/feeling.
I post the pictures for Sir and He likes them and as long as that is true, i will not worry about what others think, He is the one that matters. {that is what i tell myself when I start feeling self concious}

Can't wait to hear about the Domme experience!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Really really really really waiting....and very very very very patiently....smiles.