September 19, 2007

Good News

i have some amazing news.......
lucy woke up yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

This is something i prepared myself to not happen and now that it has it makes me realize that there really are miracles int he world. All the doctors told she would probably never come back to us and if she did she wouldn't be herself. Well they were WRONG! She is back and although she is weak she is herself. she is alive and hopefully will maintain this way. i am on cloud nine!!!! It will be along road of recovery for her but she is with us and that is all matters.

When everything going on we thought maybe we would close this chapter of our lives but Sir has given it some thought and realizes He isn't going to give up because things are hard. It is just another bump in our road. We are strongest as a unit and we shouldn't walk away from things just because it gets hard.

There hasn't been much BDSM to talk about. That has taken a back burner for such along time. With all our schedules and hospital time it hasn't been time to really connect on that level. i can say that i am honestly feeling the desire growing inside me. It's like i just didn't think about it. Mostly because it felt wrong to think about that kind of need in a time like this. i felt selfish and ridiculous for even thinking about asking for some release. i know Sir could tell my need was there but neither of us wanted to go there. It was as if we just brushed it all under the table and now that things are looking brighter i feel like it might be okay to think about it now. Is that totally horrible?

i have been reading anew blog recently......A view from the floor
i have to say that i am really enjoying reading her words. It is a bit raw for my taste but it is so real and honest that i feel it deserves recognition.

Well i am off to the hospital to bring my little sister some flowers.
Until next time........


Carrie Ann said...

Thank you for the link and for reading. :)
The recognition is much appreciated.

Best, best, best of luck with Lucy, as well. What a wonderful day for you guys!

Many good thoughts,

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhh....I dont know what made me click the link to your blog, as Master Michael had indicated that it would be closed or barely running, but oh my gosh I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pleased to hear the good news!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeeeehhhhhhhhhaaaa and HUGE hugs to you mel and BIG soft kisses to lucy.

All my love