October 01, 2007

Starting fresh

October starts a new page in our story. lucy is home and we are all adjusting to the new schedule and the new nurse that is coming in to help out. School has started for me and i just can't be around as much as i used to be or would like to be. i am teaching a full load this term and loving it. my interns are awesome and really know their stuff. Last term i got stuck with a bunch of interns who knew nothing and it made it difficult to really delegate with out fear. This bunch seems knowledgeable and there aer a few that i actually taught which makes things even easier.

Sir Michael is doing wonderfully. i can see the skip in His step has returned since lucy came home. He has His family back and is loving it....we are all loving it!!! It seems that this whole experience has really brought us all closer. It is weird that trauma brings people closer but it really helps put priorities in perspective.

We are all happy and together. Life is good for the time being. i am not naive enough to think it will stay that way but i am hopeful.

Until next time...........

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