October 01, 2007

Text messages

i am working late tonight.....

While at my desk i received a text message from Sir instructing me to give myself an orgasm, in my office before i went home. Sir also told me that this would be the last one for a while. i think i read the message about 50 times wondering if He was serious....well of course He was serious....but it just took me by surprise. i haven't received any instructions like that in so long i honestly didn't know how to respond. many feelings overcame me........excitement, fear, need, and a nice calmness about the sternness that i could read into the text. i could hear Sir telling me this as if i was there in His presence. Then a few minutes later i received another text that read, I am reclaiming what is mine!

That statement alone made me realize how much i needed this again. How much i longed to be reclaimed. It isn't as if i have lost any of my submission to Sir....it's more like things have been on hold. i have been serving Him in other ways....ways that needed to be taken care of. There are so many levels of submission and ours took on a new look for a while. Now i realized Sir was wanting to take it deeper again and that made me want to please Him more than anything. It didn't take long for me to get wet or to orgasm for that matter. i thought of all the things we had overcome int he past months and realized that my submission was truly deeper than any i had ever experienced before.....now i just want more!!!!!

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CLoud said...

I am happy to see that things are returning to a quasi normal for you three I hope now you all have a chance to enjoy life a bit