October 03, 2007

my circle

i have had the opportunity to be all the people i love the most in this world. We did a combined dinner tonight with Sir, lucy, my mate, myself and my wee one. We had a wonderful time and i can honestly say that i am in love with my family. It was wonderful to have us all together. Watching my wee one put smiles across the faces of four adults was amazing and he of course loved the attention. He is SOO happy to see lucy again and know that she is okay. He never really understood what was happening because we sheltered him from it....to a degree. Sir and my mate decided how to deal with tthat and i think the decision they made really did work out okay. It is never easy to decide how to address tragedy with little ones. Now watching us all together again makes me SO happy i honestly don't have any words.

Sir and my mate are going to start working on putting rules and protocols back into action. There were many things that stayed in place the past few months but there were also things that got lost. We are all ready for some normalcy and i am beyond ready for my rules to be put back into place. my mate is going to take a more active role in my submission which i am beyond excited about. Sir seems really interested in having a male companion too. It just seems like our circle is really coming together. i am not totally naive in thinking that things will be perfect but i am just enjoying the calm after the storm.

i am on orgasm restriction. This is a nice and evil restriction. i am enjoying the boundaries more than i thought i would but i am also feeling my need grow. i want to feel Sirs hands on my body. i want to feel the stroke of the whip. i feel needy and feel a bit insecure int hat. i kn ow things will soon feel more in place.....it just can be along struggle getting there. (internally and outwardly)

Until next time........

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy things are on the mend.