December 04, 2007

Long Time

Hello everyone, this is lucy.....posting for the first time since the accident. Master wanted me to start posting again. He thinks it will help bring me back to focus on my submission. i can't even remember the last time i felt like a slave. It has been a very long hard time these past months. i can honestly say that i am not the same person anymore. i almost died and as much as it is cliche to say that it changed me....IT DID! i look at my life differently....not that i would change anything. More that i need to live more in the moment. i need to make sure i don't wait to do things anymore...there may not be a later.

i want to give a huge Thank You to my Master and melody. They have been two of the most amazing people. Never giving up on me and always standing by my side. When i think of the bigger picture i cry because i am SO lucky to have the family i have. People think of family as people who share in your blood line, but i disagree. my true family is not even blood related to me....they are my friends. i love my family more than i could ever express in words!!!

i have been reading and catching up on all the blogs/journals that i missed. It has been nice to reconnect to my life. i haven't served Master in so long that i didn't know if we would be able to go back to the way we were. Then Master told me that we will never go back because we are not the same people anymore. We are changed by what happened and our journey will reflect that. Of course we will be Master & slave, but it's like we have to begin again in some ways. i think it will be good for us and i am really excited to step back into my role at Master's feet.

On a little different note.....
The doctors say i will be able to resume 'normal' activity in about a month. YEAH!!! i can't even tell you all how excited i am to get back into the real world.

Thanks for all your well wishes....and for sticking around!!
Oh yeah, melody wanted me to post a link to a new friends journal... Her name is emma and she is such a sweet girl. she is new to the cyber world but really needs to reconnect with the lifestyle. i just helped her set up her journal.........

Thanks to all!


lee ann said...

hi lucy- it is soooo good to see you posting again.

hugs for a speedy recovery and back to where you want to be. your Sir is right, you both are different people now and you can only embrace the change.

lee ann

{milla} said...

So excellent to see you back again lucy... the last time period must have been awful for you, but it seems you've come through it with a new outlook and surrounded by the strongest relationships, quite amazing and wonderful! It's so good to see you again, well done you strong strong lady! Much love to your Master and melody also.