July 09, 2006

Random Thoughts

Since my long night in the attic i definitely got the attitude adjustment i needed.

The other night Master and i went to see our new friend sing at an open mic night. It was amazing! she is an amazing singer and should really put more energy into her music. This new friend of mine is a woman i look up to in so many ways. i am not only her friend but also an employee of hers and i must say that i get to see the best of this woman everyday. She juggles her own business, a family, her submission and she is now taking on a teaching job. i personally don't think i could juggle all the things she does and i admire her strength and ability to balance so many things.

On a more selfish note i get to share my submission with this woman too. she herself is a sub and i am so honored to have the opportunity to build a friendship with her. Master has been hoping i would connect with another submissive. He feels the support and understanding from a fellow sub is something every sub needs. There is an unspoken comfort with her and i am looking forward to expanding our friendship more. i know i sound all wishy washy but i am truly honored and excited to have this woman in my life.......not to mention i am very attracted to her. (part of me wants to delete that but Master wont allow it. He says i need to think before i type because backspace is not an option. He doesn't want me to censor myself in any way)

Master has taken on a job that requires Him away from home more than we expected. Because of this He has granted my request to work. This is the first time in a long while that i have been allowed to work outside the house.i am eternally grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the culinary arts. my passion is to become a great chef. i know that may not happen but any work related to reaching that goal is a treat all in itself. Master is allowing me to explore this interest and i know He is looking forward to reaping the benefits:)

Today will not be a lazy Sunday for me. i am off to help A at work. She is letting me sit in on a meeting with a client. This will help me see what goes on outside the kitchen. i am also taking A's summer class.....i can't wait!!!! The more i get involved in work and school the more i desire to learn. i LOVE to learn and this job just sparked that fire again!! Master can see the positive changes this job has had in me. my confidence is growing and my social skills are getting better too. Thank you Master for this opportunity!!!

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floweringhana said...


thanks for posting on blog, it sounds like you have a great Master on your hands. I look forward to reading more about you.

~Robert's little flower~