August 25, 2006


i am bored!!!

i have been doing house work and different jobs around here that haven't been getting done. Master emailed me a list of tasks this morning.

1) Nipple clamps every two hours for 10 minutes...until bed time.
2) butt plug for as long as i can manage two times
3) spend twenty minutes kneeling in the corner (on that flippin sand paper). This is a time for me to reflect on my submission....and that fact that my knees are killing me.
4) Mow the lawn while wearing a crotch rope and breast bondage. (Have you ever tied your own can be a little difficult.) The mower is one of those ones you ride on and it makes quite the vibration on an already sensitive pussy...not to mention i detest yard work!
5) Sweep and mop all the floors.....Ugh!
Then there are my daily house hold stuff. Should keep me busy but i just rebelled doing each task and that made it difficult to get threw them. i still haven't finished the floors yet or the twenty minutes in the corner. If i don't complete the list i have to sleep in the attic on the floor...i DO NOT want to do that.

my mind has a hard time staying focused when Master isn't here. i can honestly say i feel like a slave lately....even without Him here.

Oh yeah and i am not allowed to leave the property until He gets home...unless there is an emergency. i hate being stuck here....i feel isolated and i know that is part of what He wants. He wants me to see how easily He could take away all the privileges He has given. How i need to learn to appreciate all he has allowed me to this year.....Because i could be doing this everyday. It isn't that i wouldn't like to serve Master all day but being home alone all day everyday does not appeal to me. So i guess i will focus on my gratitude and appreciation while in the corner tonight. Hmmmm....i wonder if thinking about orgasms is bad...That's part of my submission right??

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