August 30, 2006

Master's Home

Master is home!!!!!

Being without Him always gives me a new found appreciation for Him and the time we have together. It also put me in this mind set of being the perfect slave for Him upon His return. i did all my tasks and few extra things that i knew Master would appreciate. i prepared His favorite meals and served Him....being the patient, quite sub He expects during dinner service. i also did all the "extra tasks" Master left for me. These are things that i wasn't expected to do but should try if i had time. One of which was to masturbate in public and take a picture of myself. This one was really hard and i actually attempted it three separate days....Master found that part most amusing. We spent a wonderful evening together and Master used His slave well.

i actually have bruises on my bottom and breasts which is strange because i don't usually bruise. Master says its because i got soft while He was away, so He says the next few days He will toughen me back up....Oh thank you Master (very cheeky grin) i like that feeling of putting my breasts into bra trying not to feel the tender pain as i get them situated into their rightful place.....hehehehe.

Master is having a few friends visit from out of of which is a good sub friend of mine from our old neighborhood. i am SOOOO excited to him. They will be spending the whole weekend and i think it will be lots of fun!! i have many tasks to do to prepare for their arrival and Master will be working from home and He said He is going to make my chores pleasurable for Him....Hmmmm? Right now i am stuffed full with a giant butt plug and a dildo the size of Mount Everest. i also have a posture collar on which i haven't worn in a long, long time...really since my training. i HATE the posture collar but love that Master likes to watch me struggle with it.

Master also told me a few things i could expect this weekend...
- i will be sleeping in the attic all weekend
- i will be used WELL this weekend
- i will be in full service mode and attend to everyone's matter what the need...Ahhh.
- i have no furniture privileges
- i have to use the bathroom outside...all the way in the back of the property.
- i will eat all my meals on the floor, beside Master
- i can not use my cell phone.....(this is very hard for me for i am a phone junkie)
Those are just a few to start....That's what Master said:)

Well i am off to start my chores....


kk said...

slave lucy thanks for stopping by my blog and looking in my window.

it sounds as if this weekend is going to a real fun for you. can't wait to read all about it.

wish i could be there with you to enjoy some of the fun with a sister slave.


CLoud said...

SOunds like a great weekend do enjoy

Anonymous said...
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