August 24, 2006


i got to speak to Master on the phone today....Yeah! Or so i thought it was to be a good phone call and then i heard His voice. It carried the all to familiar tone....the " I am going to be delayed coming home" tone....UGH!!! i am NOT happy at all. i immediately went into brat mode and the conversation did not end well. i was told to go into the attic, with my cell phone. Go straight to the corner...apply nipple clamps, kneel on the sand paper board and then wait for His phone call. AHHHH!

i had this moment of defiance where i thought, "what if i don't do it??" He wont ever really know would He? Atleast my good conscience got the best of me and i obeyed. Master made me wait 90 minutes for His call. i seriously thought i wasn't going to make it. i went from angry to sad to angry at myself and then back to sad....sad because i let my mouthy attitude get me into this position. Sad because i let Master down again and i should really recognize how lucky i am.

Master and i spent time talking and me begging for forgiveness. He did forgive me with a few smacks added to my list and then His last words to me were...."Remember lucy, it is my job to always know what my slave is doing. I am always watching lucy." How eerie is that? i knew deep down when i had those deviant thought that He would know if i didn't obey.......Wow, what a mind fuck huh!!!!

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