August 12, 2006

More Tasks

Master got called into work and so i sit here alone with nothing to do. i thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make a post. i am back on my three times a week having to post....Ugh! i am starting to enjoy writing here, but i am enjoying reading other blogs more. i find it fascinating all the different people here. It is like this world i didn't even knew existed. The more i explore the more intrigued i become.

Last night Master planned a more sensual scene than i am used to. He teased me and tormented me very gently and deliberately. It was VERY erotic....i think that is the best word to describe it. i was tied spread eagle to the bed and He just played with me. No hard spanking or nipple torture.....just sensual play. Master did tickle me a lot which i totally hate!!! i always feel like i am going to pee myself when He tickles me. He is relentless and if i am gagged it is SO much worse. It was fun! i needed it and i think Master could sense that. my punishment was intense and we both needed to have some real intimacy.....and pure plain old fun!!

i was finally allowed to pleasure Master and that put the cherry on top of my sundea!!!

i have been told that i will be given a list of tasks each morning. These tasks will be easy enough to complete but will test my strength and will power. Hmmmm??? i can see the sadistic wheels turning:)

i am off to do some work around the house.....naked with a crotch rope. my breasts are bound with rubber bands and i am supposed to masturbate every hour for five minutes. Not allowed to orgasm...UGH!!! Should be an interesting afternoon.

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ling said...

Sounds like loads of fun to me!

Thinking of you always:)