August 17, 2006


Things have been a whirlwind of stuff lately. It seems that Master has to take a trip to the east coast for work. He will be gone for ten days...which totally sucks. The one good thing about this is that He got the week off to prepare. (Master can work from home easily so they allow that before He takes an extended trip) Usually i would go on the trip with Master but with my vanilla commitments it is too difficult for me to go. Master was not excited about this because usually i can just go without a problem. i know He isn't happy about having to go alone and i fear He will make me give up my job so that i can be at His side. i know that is where my place is and my heart....but this new job is wonderful. It has opened a side to me that i didn't know existed. It made me see that i am so much more than a slave. Not ment in a bad way but i always thought that was all i needed. that was my purpose....but with this new venture out in the world i am really liking it. i am feeling more well-rounded and confident. Master just doesn't want these ventures to take over my life.

This week has been filled with lots of BDSM!! i have been on a tight leash to prepare me for His departure. i will go threw a period of depression after He leaves and Master is trying to prepare me for it now. He has started prepping me on my tasks that i will do daily while He is away. He has also set up the web-cam for us to use at night....FUN!!

i looked at myself in the mirror this morning and thought, "Wow, if the police saw me they would think i was being abused." It made me chuckle.......anyone ever felt that before. It is like my dirty little that could cause a lot of trouble if looked on by the wrong people. That makes me mad but i understand. This world is filled with abusive people and we are taught to be overly cautious. We are not as free as we used to be...That's for sure.

Anyone treasure their bruises? i do!!! i look at them often and admire my them. It makes me wet because it brings up all the feelings i went threw getting the bruises.....too much fun!!! One of my friends said i was sick and twisted. i laughed at her but the more i thought about it the more i realized that there is abit of truth to that statement. Hehehehehe!!

Well i am off to attic. Master said i had 30 minutes of computer time before i would be used for the night. my pussy is throbbing with excitement:)

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