January 29, 2007

Added fun for Shopping - Mel

As you read in the previous post i had to complete at least two of the tasks on my To-do list. Sir really wanted me to get the shopping done so that's what i did. He also told me that since i was so behind on my butt plug training i could put one in before i left for shopping and remove it when all the groceries were put away. He was kind enough to allow me to choose which plug to use....thank god for small favors.

i had to make three stops. the hardware store, wine/beer shop and the grocery store. i then would proceed to Sir's house and unload all the groceries....and REMOVE that BUTT PLUG!!!! i managed to get threw all my shopping with ease. i was VERY uncomfortable but that was the idea. my rectum is a bit swollen for the length of time i wore it. i am scared of having to have anal sex with a bottom this sore.....AHHHHH!

Now i am off to home....until next time.....

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floweringhana said...

Hey Mel,

You know once you anal it isn't so bad after that. At least I hear. It's like your vagina you have to use it to loosen it. It's a muscle you know.