January 30, 2007

Irritated - melody

You would think after yesterday punishment i would be busting my butt to get to that task list. Weeelllll....that is not the case. i have been so wrapped up in vanilla life that i haven't had time to progress any further. It is days like this that make me feel i can't balance everything. i have this wonderful notion that i can take on everything life has to offer and make it all work. It just never seem to work out for me....Go figure:(

Sir was quite irritated with my attitude about it. He thinks i should just be able to do it. He told me i wasn't trying hard enough....Ugh! i feel like all i do is try but it seems to not be enough. What is enough and how do i reach it? Is it fair for Sir to need more of with lucy gone? Is it fair for Him not to allow me time to adjust to the new demands? i got really irritated with Him after that conversation. Now we are both irritated and i have to go over there tonight....Ugh! i should just get ready to get my butt beat.....Hmmmm....could be better than it thought??

i figure this post might help my case a bit, but my sarcasm about it wont.

Until next time.......

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